ALGES started a collaboration with IDIEM using hyper spectral estimation system in 6 kind of materials

The collaboration with IDIEM has been explosive and very positive. We are carrying out 6 tests with different materials provided by IDIEM using the hyper spectral technology. The system which has been successfully tested with several mining operations between 2019 and 2020, is useful for quick estimation of variables that characterize a sample since its physical and chemical properties.

We are estimating so far:

  1. Sulfur content and chloride aggregates for pre-mixed concretes.
  2. Swelling pressure in clays due to water and mineralogy.
  3. Cement composition.
  4. Coke for the steel industry.
  5. Granulometric profiles in gravel.

These tests will conduct technology transfer products of hyper spectral analysis for diverse industries, current clients of IDIEM, with expensive and slow processes, opposed to the hyper spectral technology use. The results are promising and will be ready between next december and january.

The collaboration is of high interest for AMTC and IDIEM, managers are actively collaborating, specially Ricardo Flores (Development Manager) and several main areas of the center. A fast estimator of variables that are usually obtained using expensive and slow tests can represent very good business for IDIEM and its clients.