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Large-scale optimization and uncertainty: challenges in strategic mining planning, an interdisciplinary approach

UFO 1.0 Flattening software in the presence of complex geometries

Geostatistical cosimulation of grades and rock types for iron resource evaluation

Estimation of mineralogical variables in SAG mill feed fines by hyperspectral analysis

Robust chemometric modeling before changes in granulometric profile and ambient light, based on hyperspectral information taken from crushed material

Multivariate evaluation software for geological resources in complex geometries

3D Visualization Platform for Operational and Strategic Decision Making in Mining

Multivariate Modeling for Reservoir Evaluation

Quantification of geological uncertainty to improve decision-making in mining operations

Characterization and Predictive Metallurgical Geo-Mining Modeling: Road to the Mining of the Future

Evaluation of Geological Resources in Complex Geometries

Rapid mineralogical detection and classification system based on hyperspectral analysis

Detection and characterization of geometallurgical variables from hyperspectral images

Characterizing patterns of spatio-temporal variability in snow properties through field and remotely sensed observations

Random fields evolving temporally over spheres: Modeling, estimation, asymptotically optimal prediction, and their simulation

Geostatistics applied to geometallurgy and geomechanics

Geostatistical modeling of ore bodies with heterogeneous spatial variations

Multiple Point Geostatistics for the Evaluation of Uncertainty in Geological Attributes and Grades

Multivariate Geostatistics and its Application to the Characterization of Mineral Resources

Reservoir Evaluation by Stochastic Simulation Integrating Multiple Point Statistics

Quantifying Uncertainty in Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Attributes: New Geostatistical Models and Implementation Issues

Mineralogical and chemical characterization and quantification of tailings dams

Modeling processes of accumulation and enrichment of valuable elements in tailings dams

Modeling uncertainty in the extent of geological units for mineral resource evaluation

Proof-of-concept of quick mineralogy through hyperespectral analysis. Geology Superintendent, El Teniente Division

Development of Brownfield Exploration Algorithms for Division Gabriela Mistral Exploration Management CODELCO Headquarters

Acceleration of geostatistical estimation and simulation algorithms using supercomputing techniques and devices.

Fracture intensity measurement

Acceleration of geostatistical estimation and simulation algorithms using supercomputing techniques and devices.

Modeling and study of clay content based on hyperspectral data Specialized consultancy. Minera Spence, Geology Management

Design and development of software to assist the early, medium and advanced stages of the mining exploration process, based on Machine Learning algorithms and supported by multiple geological and spectral characterization data, Regional Vice President of Explorations. Innovation Area.

Bivariate modeling of total copper and soluble copper

Drillhole logging with mixed reality

UFO 2.0 Flattening software in the presence of complex geometries